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Welcome to the wiki guide for the Facebook-based game Ninja Saga

This Wiki is created by Jinchuuriki on the behalf of Ninja Saga Fans.
Its purpose is to provide other Ninjas with information about several Ninja Saga game Mechanics and game Features.
The wiki will be constantly updated and improved with more accurate & helpful information

  • This is not a place to ask your questions.

All questions and discussions should be directed at the Official Forums

Questions about the wiki content in any form of PM, posts, mails etc will be ignored

  • This is NOT Official or related by any means with the Developers' Team.
The Wiki Creator does not own the rights of the data that have been pulled out of the NS Application.
Any Mathematical Calculations and Theoretical Explanations or Terms used are a product of the Wiki Creator's intelligence.

To browse the Wiki simply read the Navigator on the left side of your screen and click on the link that you are interesting in knowing about.
Any information missing is either unavailable or to be added soon in the wiki.


NS Application

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Experience Requirements

Game Terms

Game Mechanics

  1. Min-Average-Max Healing
  2. Min-Avg-Max Crit Healing
  3. Average Healing Value
  1. Min-Average-Max Damage
  2. Min-Avg-Max Crit Damage
  3. Highest Damage
  4. Overall Possible Average Damage

Ninja Saga Build Simulator

PvP Arena




Pet Shop

Invite NEW Friends


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