• Ninja Saga encourages players to Use in-game report form button to send their feedback to the Developers about bugs, glitches, errors etc..
  • However if that was not possible, players should prefer to send their inquiries or reports by filling the Support Form of the game

  • You should NOT send emails directly to NS - any unreasonably sent email will be simply ignored by the Devs..
    Just in case both of the above contact methods failed to be delivered you should carefully and wisely send an email to one of the following addresses (according to the nature of your problem)
* Support email should be used mostly for Customer Support issues such as: Payment questions, account problems, in-game issues, other customer questions.

* This email should be mostly used for Bug Reports, Glitch Reports, Hacking/Cheating Reports, Game Problems, Other Questions.

  • Premium Users will be put on priority in having their problems solved.

  • (In all occasions) - Do not forget to include the information required by the Developers and Support Team:
  1. Web Browser
  2. Operating System
  3. Flash Player
  4. Detailed description of the problem
  5. Under what circumstances did you encounter the problem
  6. Facebook ID/url
  7. E-mail
  8. Game character in-game name (exactly as you write it in game)

  • Before you report any technical issues (especially null errors and connection errors) make sure you have followed the following troubleshooting on your System.
  1. Update your Browser with a new version.
  2. Try using a different Browser. (ex. IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera)
  3. Update your Flash Player with the latest version of it.
  4. Clean your PC of cookies and other browser leftovers.
  5. Make sure other software does not interfere with Flash Player or Ninja Saga.
  6. Reset your Router, Check your connection speed, Contact your ISP for connection speed problems.

(if the game is not under a maintenance and you are still facing connection or loading problems keep in mind that it might be due to a Facebook Server problem or maintenance)